Dorelan's aim has always been to help people sleep well - all people.

"We're committed to spreading the culture of sleep and unleashing it in every one of us, because it's an innate power  that's essential for our wellbeing. The Personae collection is created to fully meet the needs of the consumer, who we at Dorelan call the persona".

Dorelan Signature Collection

Signature Collection

Premium line of enormous comfort and architectural composition. Noble fibres, technical materials and design work in synergy for an excellent result, making every product exclusive and attractive.
Dorelan ReSearch Line

ReSearch Line

Dorelan developed this product line by drawing on science and technology to make high-performance products with original contemporary design. Synergy between doctors, researchers and Dorelan know-how allowed us to turn people's specific needs into products.
Dorelan Innovative Line

Innovative Line

The mattresses in this line belong to our family advanced technology products, which are constantly upgraded for structural improvement. The goal is to ensure their quality always keeps pace with technological innovation.
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