Dorelan Technologies

Dorelan Myform Regen

Myform Regen

Years of research and experience as pioneers have led to the creation of Myform Regen which has an innovative molecular structure that makes it incredibly elastic and almost indifferent to room temperature. This feature is essential to ensure consistent performance throughout the year. Regen absorbs weight and a consistent part of pressure, thus smoothing the sensation of rigidity while promoting comfort.
Dorelan Myform Memory Air HD

Myform Memory Air HD

A long, soft and warm hug. Myform Memory Air HD is a thermo-variable material with gradual recovery and tiny molecules that ensure compactness and maximum ergonomics. Resting will be an embracing, personal experience for both your body and mind. The Air opencell structure is exceptionally porous to ensure constant air passage and perfect hygiene. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, this mattress perfectly adapts to your shape and requirements, thus ensuring wellbeing.
Dorelan Myform Memory Clima

Myform Memory Clima

Conceived to be placed on top layers of the mattress, Myform Memory Clima combines Myform materials with state-of-the-art production techniques. Thanks to nanotechnologies, this material regulates and maintains the temperature between the body and the mattress, dispersing heat when it is in excess (like in summer) and holding it when necessary for a perfect sleep.
Dorelan Myform Memory Air

Myform Memory Air

This technology ensures comfort and breathability. With its innovative molecular structure and high porosity, performance and ergonomics are guaranteed. Myform Memory Air adapts to the body as it can modify the level of support and elastic reaction. Rigidity and support are softly distributed, thus providing comfort and breathability.
Dorelan Myform Memory

Myform Memory

Softness, reaction speed, elasticity. Myform Memory ensures high performance, provides freedom of movement and offers a balance between the characteristics of memory and a less pronounced feeling of accommodation. It’s a medley of technology, comfort, durability and ergonomics, allowing the mattress to react to your weight and movements. Myform Memory is a gesture of wellbeing.
Dorelan Myform Extension

Myform Extension

It’s the core of every Myform mattress. Its design is the result of Dorelan’s science, technology and experience. It helps obtain and calibrate the right elasticity and perfectly adapts to your movements while you sleep. Elastic and breathable, Myform Extension provides support, balance and solidity, ensuring durability, consistent performance and high stress resistance. It’s the material that makes the products of a range unique and that allows endless customisations.
Dorelan Myform Air

Myform Air

Dorelan Air’s exclusive technology at its best. Myform Air is intended for the warmer seasons or for those who seek maximum breathability in a mattress. The high number of pores inside Myform Air ensures air passage in any situation and extreme hygiene. Myform Air is versatile, effective, light and it meets every requirement. Even on storage beds, it provides the utmost comfort and freshness.
Dorelan Dual Technology

Dual Technology

Dual Technology is knowledge, mechanics, biometrics and chemistry; it is the study of a product that allows to achieve the best resting performance. Myform Memory Air HD molecular structure ensures a breathability never reached before and a perceived temperature to that of the environment, while the Twin System HS structure, with a double concentric spring and a high carbon concentration, is perfect sustaining and supporting movements during sleep, allowing the vertebral column to naturally maintain a correct position.
Dorelan Twin System®

Twin System®

The Twin System technology is the expression of Dorelan’s excellence, uniqueness, innovation and experience. One coiled metal wire creates a double concentric spring that ensures perfect support for any body shape in any resting position. The external spiral, which is larger and softer, ensures comfort and ergonomics. On the other hand, the internal spiral, which has a smaller diameter, ensures support to heavier bodies, thus bringing the concept of independent spring to another level.
Dorelan Soft Touch

Soft Touch

Designed to embrace every part of your body, even the lightest one, Soft Touch provides the surface with extraordinary softness and is ideal for those who want to enjoy the best relaxation experience ever. The particular shape of the spring allows for differentiated support. Small spirals placed close to each other at the end of the spring adapt to your weight while the central spirals, which are further apart and have a larger diameter, ensure support.
Dorelan Next


The exclusive Next system allows for customised support, ensuring the right support throughout your sleep. Springs are housed in independent pockets and are assembled with a particular seven-zone system, where the number of springs varies depending on the zone. There are more springs where support is needed and fewer where more filling is required.
Dorelan LFK Springs

LFK Springs

Solid and resistant, the LFK spring system consists of interconnected cylindrical springs. It’s conceived to ensure elasticity and support movements while you sleep, thanks to the reduced sizes of the springs, thus providing unparalleled uniformity. Steel spirals placed transversely on the mattress connect the various springs and ensure high resistance and durability.
Dorelan Bonnel Springs

Bonnel Springs

The traditional spring system is taken to the next level. Bonnel biconical springs are treated to ensure optimal rigidity and durability. Its extraordinary solidity provides elasticity and ergonomics over time for a restful and regenerating sleep.
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